Proposal <3

6 Jun

On May 25th, 2013 my boyfriend of a little over two years, Kevin, asked me to marry him!  As promised, here’s our proposal story 😀

Back in the day (when I was much more lithe) I did a little bit of modeling on the side.  It’s been years since I’ve consistently gone on jobs but I still receive requests from photographers once in a while so when I received a request to work with J. Davis Photography, it wasn’t too out of the ordinary.  I am taking an international trip here in a few days so the idea of making a little bit of money from a photo shoot sounded good and Kevin encouraged me to take the gig.  I thought, “why not?” and accepted the offer.  After a few weeks of grooming and (trying) to get back into shape, the day of the shoot arrived and I was pumped! Continue reading


Makeup Monday: My Summer Lipstick Faves

3 Jun

This summer I’ve picked 5 MAC shades which are my staples for all sorts of occasions I may have to make an appearance to. MAC offers a wide range of colors, formulas, and gloss so I feel like I’m always able to find a shade for my different moods 😀


My 5 go to shades this summer are: Sheen Supreme in Ultra Darling, Cremesheen in Dare You, Amplified in Haute Altitude, Matte in Candy Yum-Yum, and Matte in Ruby Woo. Continue reading

Life Updates and Back to Blogging :D

28 May

Hello blogging world!  It has been months since I have posted and I figured it was time to jump back on the wagon.  It’s been a fairly exciting first half of the year with some really good trips, lots of hours logged at work, and a couple of health scares but things have (sort of) settled down 🙂

It’s finally beginning to feel like summer and I figured I should get back to posting some OTD’s, starting a Makeup Monday series, and generally just updating the world wide web on my sometimes exciting life!  On that note… Continue reading

<3 Madewell Cara Rhinestone Bracelets!

21 Nov

Check out my new trinkets 🙂  These “Cara Rhinestone Bracelets” by Madewell come in a handful of gorgeous jewel tones and are perfect to mix and match as well as stack!  I selected a pair in brilliant cobalt and crushed coral (aka blue and orange…my fave combo!) and they will be adorning my wrists at the upcoming Denver Broncos game I will be cheering at in a few weeks *woot*  Continue reading

Orange you glad :) OTD!

13 Nov

Soooo I’ve decided that it’s time to post my first ever Outfit of the Day!  It was gorgeous outside this afternoon with blue skies, plenty of sunshine, and crisp fall air (not so crazy about that last one!) so I figured it would be a good day to goof off with the camera and show off a simple fall outfit.  The sweater, leggings, and booties ensemble is definitely something I rock constantly (changing out the pieces of course) because it’s comfortable, weather appropriate, and super freakin’ cute 🙂 Continue reading

Music: The Joy Formidable

12 Nov

The Joy Formidable put on an intimate show over the weekend at St. Stephen’s Church in Washington, DC which I reviewed for dont blink media.  As always, they didn’t fail to impress, and gave an amazing performance worthy of a recording studio!  Check the link below for my review of the show and a peek at some of the photos we snapped 🙂 Continue reading

Music: Meet dont blink media

1 Nov

Although music has always been a passion of mine, I have never been very good at the details.  Analyzing, remembering names/titles, not my strong point!  Luckily, the bf is just as into music as I am and makes up for what I lack by being detailed.  Together, we run a music review website from which I will be posting my favorite articles from.  The website,, features show, album, and video reviews as well as the latest music news.  Continue reading