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Fall and Halloween Shenanigans!

29 Oct
The end of October is here and it’s downright chilly out 😦  Our weekend was full of Halloween activities and costumes galore.  Sara (Kevin’s daughter), got all dolled up as a leopard for our trip to the Good Knight Castle, where we fought monsters with our water guns to save Snow White!  Next came the Zombie Walk in town.  Sara, Kevin, and I showed up as a zombie family with Sara’s mouth slit to the side, Kevin’s eye socket exposed, and me with a slash down my face.  Makeup was tedious, but the outcome was pretty creepy bwahaha.  Continue reading

Lucky Jeans: Sienna Cigarette

28 Oct

I have never owned a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans that I was disappointed in.  They always fit well, are super comfy, and of course, gorgeous! My new pair of Sienna Cigarette’s is no exception and I was so excited when they came in that I forgot how to open a box.

Straight and skinny jeans have always fit a little too tight on my not so skinny legs, so I was super excited the first time I found these jeans and tried them on. The straight cut isn’t too tight and has an almost boyfriend jean feel to it, with the bottoms tapering to a rolled cuff (which can be unrolled).  Continue reading

Learning something new…

25 Oct

Hello hello 🙂 Welcome to my first ever blog, and attempt at learning how to develop a webpage! My name is Charisse “Reesy” and I work in neither writing nor web development. In real life, I am an emergency technician who (dun da da dun!) saves lives every day…sike. Really, I am an ED tech, but the “saving lives every day” is questionable…only on some days 😀 I decided to start this project because I have a burning need to share my passions: fashion, music, traveling, my mini chihuahua “Tank” and my family. Continue reading