Proposal <3

6 Jun

On May 25th, 2013 my boyfriend of a little over two years, Kevin, asked me to marry him!  As promised, here’s our proposal story 😀

Back in the day (when I was much more lithe) I did a little bit of modeling on the side.  It’s been years since I’ve consistently gone on jobs but I still receive requests from photographers once in a while so when I received a request to work with J. Davis Photography, it wasn’t too out of the ordinary.  I am taking an international trip here in a few days so the idea of making a little bit of money from a photo shoot sounded good and Kevin encouraged me to take the gig.  I thought, “why not?” and accepted the offer.  After a few weeks of grooming and (trying) to get back into shape, the day of the shoot arrived and I was pumped!

I showed up at Manassas Battlefield with my haul of Forever 21 outfits and makeup all ready to go.  With a quick kiss, Kevin left with the car and I faced my photographer ready for any challenge he had for me.  We started the shoot in a sea of tall grass, huge gusts of wind, and hoards of 17 year cicadas *yuck* crunching under my feet!  I started to loosen up as Justin (photog) clicked away, laughing as large chunks of hair flew into my eyes and mouth, and my uber comfy (and cheap!) mint green dress billowed in the wind.

Outfit #2 found me in a long, button front, black and white striped get up cinched with a skinny braided belt. The same challenges faced me as I sat atop a woodpile and attempted to work it while leaning against a building 😀

Outfit #3: daisy dukes (Express), bikini top (VS), and sheer orange button down and yet another tall grass field.  After a few poses, we moved back towards the buildings and took some shots in front of an old battle house.  Justin asked me to turn a bit more to my left and as we were shooting, I felt a presence behind me so I turned.  Coming towards me was Kevin, who had changed into formal pants, a button down, and dress shoes *wowza*!  He carried a beautiful bunch of roses and all I could muster was “What are you doing?” as in, “I’m working, why are you interrupting, I’m going to look so unprofessional.”  However, my eyes fell upon the roses and I realized he had changed, then all I could do was start bawling.  A few sweet, personal words later, Kevin was down on one knee, ring in hand, asking me to marry him, and of course I said….YES!!!  Of course!!!

After the hugging and kissing and “I can’t believe it” moment, I turned to Justin and said “You were in on this?”  Yup, he was, and had been for an entire month, plotting and planning with Kevin to give me a perfect surprise proposal.  The whole event was captured on two cameras as well as two videocameras (courtesy of some friends and Justin’s buddy).  I couldn’t have asked for a more personal and surprising proposal and Kevin was so sweet to have put that much effort into making it a memorable and special moment for me.  Ladies, if your man puts that much effort to making sure you are happy, keep him!  I know I am keeping mine 😉

Once the hubbub of the proposal settled, Justin was all business once again and had me change again so we could take some engagement photos.  Outfit #4: Black halter (Express) and chiffon mini (VS)…can you tell what my favorite places to shop are yet? 😛  We also did a couple in our Broncos jerseys (yup, Kevin made sure our football jerseys were packed lol).


I would love to hear all your special moments…please share and let me know what you think of our pics 😀


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