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Music: The Joy Formidable

12 Nov

The Joy Formidable put on an intimate show over the weekend at St. Stephen’s Church in Washington, DC which I reviewed for dont blink media.  As always, they didn’t fail to impress, and gave an amazing performance worthy of a recording studio!  Check the link below for my review of the show and a peek at some of the photos we snapped 🙂 Continue reading


Music: Meet dont blink media

1 Nov

Although music has always been a passion of mine, I have never been very good at the details.  Analyzing, remembering names/titles, not my strong point!  Luckily, the bf is just as into music as I am and makes up for what I lack by being detailed.  Together, we run a music review website from which I will be posting my favorite articles from.  The website, http://www.dontblinkmedia.com, features show, album, and video reviews as well as the latest music news.  Continue reading